1. Five Lakes Region

Plunge in the famous five lakes of the Muromtsevo region and gain eternal youth and health. According to local legends, the Earth’s energy center is located in the Okunevo village and attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

2. Take part in the annual International Siberian Marathon (SIM)

«SIM» has been held in Omsk since 1990. The race track passes through the streets of the city of Omsk including the historical part. This is the only Russian marathon with the IAAF Road Race Bronze status, one of six Russian marathons certified by the Association of International Marathons and Runs (AIMS).

3. Old Omsk fortress

The first Omsk fortress played an important role in the further advance to the south of Siberia and the development of the Middle and Upper Irtysh region.

4. Take a walk around the places where the famous Russian writer Dostoevsky has been.

Dostoevsky spent four years in a penal servitude in Omsk. Prisoners were deprived of the right of correspondence, but Dostoevsky was able to secretly keep records in the so-called “Siberian Notebook” in the hospital. The impressions of being in a prison were later reflected in the story “Notes from a Dead House”.

5. Real Siberian taiga

A trip to the taiga is a real extreme and adventure. Let’s raft along a quiet river to see an untouched nature!

6. Take part in the search for the gold reserve of the Russian empire, lost during the civil war after the revolution

Currently, the fate of part of the gold reserve of the Russian Empire (the so-called Kolchak’s gold) remains unclear. 27 tons of pure gold worth 35 million rubles mysteriously disappeared between the counting of treasures in Omsk in January 1919 and the transportation of these values from Irkutsk to Kazan in January 1920.

7. The Dead Sea of the Omsk Region - lake Ebeyty.

Salinity of water in the Dead Sea, huge reserves of salt and therapeutic mud, an incredible semi-desert landscape, rare plants - the main reasons to go on a trip. Follow the eco-tourist trail and enjoy the incredible scenery.

8. The only rural zoo in Russia

The State Bolsherechensky Zoo is the only rural zoo in Russia. Its area is 9 hectares, and it is located in a picturesque floodplain of the Bolshaya River. Usually zoos appear in cities, but in the Omsk region the only zoo is in a village 200 km from the regional center.

9. The Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve « Siberian antiquity».

Omsk State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve «Siberian antiquity » is the only museum of the «living history» in the Omsk region. We invite you to get acquainted with ancient Russian traditions and take part in a theatrical tour.

10. Take the famous Siberian route

The Siberian route is a road for people to hard labor.
Several sections of the Siberian tract in the Omsk region were preserved in their original form (Sekmenevo, Novologinovo, Zudilovo, Orlovo, Radishchevo, Kushaila, Bolshoi Uki-Stanovka, etc.). Today they are monuments of local history.

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